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Jim Gerner EA

Let Jim Gerner EA CTC be your Business Tax Geek. Schedule a free consultation today.

Call: 360 339 2345 or E-mail: jimgerner@gmail.com

Olympia Tax Service specializes in planning for small businesses and independent contractors. 

Your job isn’t filling out paperwork, it’s running your business. Olympia Tax Service will save you time and money.

Jim is an Enrolled Agent, authorized to practice before the IRS. An Enrolled Agent is similar to a CPA or an Attorney in dealing with the IRS.

Enrolled Agents (EA) are America’s Tax Professional. Enrolled Agent is the highest designation given by the Internal Revenue Service. While CPAs focus on auditing and corporate accounting, EAs study the individual and business tax code.

Jim Gerner is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). CTCs are tax planners who look for every opportunity to save you money.

Why choose a Tax Pro? Because you want to legally get the best tax results possible, not just guess on an App. 

Does your tax professional take the extra step to ensure you get every deduction and credit possible? Do they help you plan for the future? Or are they just putting numbers on paper?

From yearly 1040s, to proactive tax planning packages we will find the best fit for you!

Call: 360 339 2345 or E-mail: jimgerner@gmail.com